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I give it high marks

I give it high marks 1 short of five stars (really 4.5 stars) because to me personally its a gradual progression and not an co-pow!!!! Or where happens so rapidly that ur not sure what you’re getting or in it!!!! But these ingredients are good & are natural. I have added energy plus strong libdo & lean muscle mass with over all strong mental & physical well-being. Again a gradual progression overtime is the key!

Ernie Banks

Excellent product!

“As an active 71 year-old, with a serious daily exercise regimen, I have found that this product makes a difference in drive and energy. Moreover, although I have been taking Prost-P10X for a while and getting good urinary flow, the addition of this product to my daily intake has now made that flow vigorous. Thank you, PR Labs!


I am really glad that I found this product!

“I am really glad that I found this product! I am really glad that I found this product. Amazing results within a few weeks of use. My energy level also has skyrocketed and I feel better overall. My sleep is very sound and no need to get up to use the restroom at night like I used to. I will continue to buy it and use it everyday. I highly recommend this product. It is worth every penny.”



“I have been using EveryDay Male and wish I had discovered it a few years ago. It is fantastic. Libido has increased. I feel better and more confident. No side effects. I highly recommend this product to any man who has noticed a drop in his libido and energy.”


So far it appears to be working!

As I’m now much closer to 50 than 40, I was beginning to struggle with my weight, stamina, and my ability to maintain any significant muscle mass. I’ve always been hesitant to use products like this in the past, fearing that they didn’t really work. I was getting frustrated with my effort and lack of success, so I decided to try it. I’ve been using Every Day Male for about 3-weeks now. I’ve already noticed improvements in these areas. I’ve also experienced increased libido. So far it appears to be working!


I feel that my mood and concentration has been better and my libido has increased.

“I’ve used Everyday Male for about two weeks now. I’ve had negative experiences with most other supplement I’ve taken (rather, no positive results). However since I’ve taken Everyday Male, I’ve noticed my physical stamina has increased substantially. I work out with weights generally three times per week and struggle to get them done. Since I’ve been using Everyday Male, I have been able to increase my reps and weight without feeling exhausted. I feel that my mood and concentration has been better and my libido has increased. I haven’t had any other changes, nutritional or physical, so I don’t know what else could be responsible. I’ve already ordered another bottle.”

Chris R.

Natural is always better!

“Natural is always better! Every Day Male has given me more energy and has helped my libido. I think every male should try this natural product before taking a drug from a drug company! Natural is always better!”

William H.

It Works! Try it if you’re having any issues with prostrate or libido/strength!

“It Works! Try it if you’re having any issues with prostate or libido/strength! I started taking EveryDay Male 6 months ago. I have found that I feel stronger. I see more muscle definition and an overall increase in libido.”

Mitch Dittman

It Does Work!

“Definitely has given me a boost in energy and libido. I have ordered my third bottle.”


Good combination of ingredients for a senior.

“Good combination of ingredients for a senior. Very prompt delivery! Been taking it for about a year. No earthshaking results but it seems like a good combination of ingredients for a senior.”

HCI Faculty

Great Product.

“So far, so good. After taking Every Day Male for a month I can feel the difference. More energy to exercise and helps from being hungry all the time. I hope to continue this experience.”

Kevin L. Shofner 'K Shof'

My husband is satisfied with the product.

“My husband is satisfied with the product. It seems to do what it says it’s supposed to do. He is taking it conjunction with 2 other supplements (Men’s Probiotic and Prost-P10x). Will buy it again.”

Suzanne Wilders

Very happy with the product.

“I take this along with the Prost-P10X and it’s great. I highly recommend this product and this line of products. This is the right combination of ingredients, in the right dosage, to provide me what I need as a man of my life stage and lifestyle. Very happy with the product.”


Try one month then decide.

“I have tried many different male supplements over the last several years and after using EveryDay Male for one month I ordered five more months worth. It works as advertised and I am getting the quality that I was looking for. I am very comfortable using this product.”


You should try this!

“Great product! You feel genuine changes in everyday activities in about a week.”


I certainly recommend it.

“I have only been using this product for around two months. I am 73 and can feel a difference after using this product. I certainly recommend it!”


Does as advertised.

“This is product does exactly as advertised for me. I’m into my second month and haven’t felt this good in a long time. I finally got back into a routine again and been doing great, instead of blowing off working out as usual. Just like any supplement, there are no immediate results. If you have doubts during your first month, do your self a favor and give it a shot for a second month.”

Michael Espey

Five Stars.

“Great product! Just got my second bottle and plan to keep ordering!”


If you’re like me you’ll feel a difference within a couple of weeks

“This formulation provides your body with the natural nutritional building blocks to allow your body to produce more testosterone naturally. If you’re like me, you’ll feel a difference within a couple of weeks of taking EveryDay Male. Your energy and libido levels will rise to new levels.”

Greg Kingston

Highly Recommend!

“EveryDay Male has given me a boost in energy as well as focus and physical vigor in all areas. Buy it!”

Andy Taylor

Such a positive experience!

“Although I have only been taking EveryDay Male for a short period of time, I feel a sense of well-being and equanimity not felt for years. I will continue to use EveryDay Male daily for years to come. Rejuvenated!”

Joe Schweitzer

Great Product!

“My energy and libido have improved since taking this product. I respect the fact that the ingredients are well researched by professional medical personnel and the production of the capsules are verified for content accuracy.”

Las Vegas Rickee

Great product and reasonably priced.

“I ordered it on 3/21/2014 and have been taking it for three days and it has made me feel good. I have energy like when I was in my thirty’s and my stamina has jumped up too. My libido has also increased. I would recommend this to any man who thinks he needs more energy, stamina and increased libido.”

William White Eagle

Another Winner from Prostate Research Labs!

“Concerned about Low-T replacements, my decision to try EveryDay Male was easy given my amazing success using Prost-P10X. Before finishing my first bottle of EveryDay Male, I experienced a pronounced difference in all three targeted areas; strength, libido and energy. I am less fatigued during and after exercise. Given the very “tangible” differences in sexual performance, I am fully expecting my T-levels to be higher (will keep you posted). Also PR Labs customer service is second to none! Now, I cannot wait to try their new Men’s Probiotic!”

Amazon Customer

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