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EveryDay Male® is a daily natural performance enhancing supplement for men. EveryDay Male® is for men looking for the extra edge in life that comes from feeling better and stronger in their day to day activities, whether that be in the boardroom, the bedroom or the weight-room.

Combined with a healthy lifestyle and exercise program, the clinically proven ingredients promote nitric oxide production as well as better energy metabolism at the cellular level, helping you reclaim some of the lost energy of your former years. EveryDay Male® is subject to the most stringent quality controls available at our FDA audited, GMP compliant manufacturing facility here in the USA. Guaranteed quality and results. Feel better. Feel stronger. Every day.

EveryDay Male® Testosterone – 3 pack
4.56 out of 5
48 reviews
EveryDay Male® is for men looking for the extra edge in life that comes from feeling better and stronger in their day to day activities, whether that be in the boardroom, the bedroom or the weight-room.
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All PR Labs formulas are developed, manufactured and tested in the USA.

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Learn About EveryDay Male® Testosterone – 3 pack
What is EveryDay Male?

EveryDay Male® is a clinical grade natural supplement for men who are looking to restore their sexual health, energy, and hormones to more youthful levels.  EveryDay Male® is formulated to deliver therapeutic dosages of clinically proven ingredients to promote energy, libido, muscle strength, healthy erectile function, and to help restore hormones to more natural levels.  All manufacturing processes are GMP and NSP certified and FDA compliant.  EveryDay Male® is the leading performance multi-vitamin – all men feeling the effects of aging can benefit from taking EveryDay Male® as part of a healthy lifestyle and exercise program.

How EveryDay Male Works

Boost Energy Levels
Therapeutic doses of all-natural ingredients like Citrulline, Beet root, Acetyl-L-carnitine, and others are packed into EveryDay Male® to promote increased energy levels, and eliminate the sluggish feeling.
Promote Higher Testosterone Levels & Boost Muscle Growth
Clinical grade, and professionally formulated with specific ingredients shown to promote elevated testosterone levels including Green tea extract, Tribulus terrestris, Resveratrol, and more.
Support a Healthy Libido & Higher Sexual Energy
Ingredients, like Pygeum africanum and Vitamin D3, in EveryDay Male® naturally support the testosterone/estrogen balance, help enhance blood flow and erectile health, promote sexual energy, and a better libido and natural prostate size.

The Science / Ingredients
EveryDay Male® is the only multi-vitamin specifically formulated for men to boost performance across the board.  This clinical grade daily performance supplement has 3-4x the ingredients and dosage of its competitors, and was designed to boost energy levels, promote increased testosterone, and a healthier libido and sex drive.


Most companies market 4-5 ingredients, and aim to address a single issue, including low testosterone.  EveryDay Male® has 14 ingredients, all in significant doses, and addresses each major pain point – energy production, libido increase, and increasing testosterone levels.  All of our ingredients and dosages are based on the clinical studies. We don’t include anything that hasn’t been shown to work.

What do the Professionals Say?

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what doctors, physicians, naturopaths, and other medical professionals think of EveryDay Male® Testosterone – 3 pack

Customer Reviews

Maury Levin

My energy and sex drive are up*

I’m 54, semi-retired, and lead a pretty healthy life dividing my time between the East Coast and Hawaii. I’ve been taking some of this companies other products for a while now (Prost-P10x) and have been happy with the results. I also started taking EveryDay Male recently and have noticed that I have more energy and better sex drive. It took a couple of weeks but it’s definitely working for me.

Maury Levin 54, San Diego, CA
Leroy Clarke

I just know its working.

“I started taking EveryDay Male a few weeks ago as I was worried my testosterone was low. I am happy with the results I am getting so far. I feel like I have more energy during the day and I also feel stronger during my workouts. Most of the day I am sitting in a car as I’m a limo driver. I wanted something to help keep me alert and energized while at work and also when I am out at night. Great product and great customer service.”

Leroy Clarke 50, Los Angeles CA


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