Frequently Asked Questions

EveryDay Male is a natural performance enhancing supplement for men who want to perform at their peak in the bedroom, the boardroom and the weight room. As part of a healthy lifestyle and exercise program EveryDay Male helps support better sexual energy, libido, strength and physical health.

Every man feeling the effects of natural aging can benefit from taking EveryDay Male as part of a healthy lifestyle and exercise program.

Better Sexual Health

If your performance in the bedroom is less than what it used to be then EveryDay Male can help promote your sex life to a higher level through increased endurance and better blood flow. Healthy blood flow helps ensure a strong, longer-lasting sexual function.

More Energy

Men who are looking to compete athletically will benefit from the performance enhancement benefits of the combined EveryDay Male ingredients. With more energy, better blood flow and endurance, you will perform better in your every day sporting pursuits and recover faster.


EveryDay Male ingredients support maintenance of natural muscle mass and may assist with body fat reduction – which is important for men as they age. With better blood flow, endurance and more energy you will be able to train harder, put on more muscle, and get stronger.

You can expect EveryDay Male to help boost your energy, blood flow, and natural testosterone health with correct use. It may also help you experience better sexual health and promote muscle growth combined with a healthy exercise program. EveryDay Male can also help your libido by promoting sexual energy, drive and natural desire.*

EveryDay Male was specifically formulated to promote more energy, a healthy libido, and better sexual health.

As men age, they experience a decline in testosterone and, in many cases, increases in estrogen levels. The result is a testosterone/estrogen imbalance that directly causes many of the debilitating health problems associated with normal aging such as prostate, sexual health and erectile disorders. Ingredients in EveryDay Male naturally support the testosterone/estrogen balance, help enhance blood flow, as well as promoting sexual energy, better libido and natural prostate size.

Each bottle of EveryDay Male contains 60 pills, which is a 30-day supply when used as recommended.

EveryDay Male can be taken at anytime throughout the day, preferably with food and liquid.

You should generally have no side effects from the combined nutritional ingredients in EveryDay Male provided you take as directed. If you do have any side effects please report them to us at:

EveryDay Male is 100% natural; however, we recommend you consult your health care provider before taking EveryDay Male if you are taking prescription medications. Green tea may reduce the amount of a beta-blocker (e.g nadolol Corgard) absorbed into the bloodstream. Beta-blockers are typically taken to lower blood pressure.

Some men experience a noticeable health improvement in a few days, while in others it might take from a few weeks to 30 days. Most of the studies surrounding the individual ingredients EveryDay Male have demonstrated the most benefit and quality of life improvements from consistent use for a period of months.

Yes, EveryDay Male contains all natural ingredients. EveryDay Male also uses 100% vegetarian capsules.

The beta-sitosterol used in EveryDay Male is extracted from sugar cane pulp but is “sugar free.” EveryDay Male is safe for diabetics to use.

We offer a 45-day risk free money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with EveryDay Male within 45 days, you may send it back for a full refund less a small restocking and administration fee. Please refer to our return policy for more details.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All purchases of EveryDay Male are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale.