Do A 30-Day Alcohol Fast – Your T Levels And Liver Will Thank You!

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The “New Year” is finally over. Super Bowl is done. My resolution for the next 30+ days? No alcohol.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a drink as much as the next guy, though more recently I’ve been drinking only one day a week as I train for more Spartan and obstacle races. But I’m not 20 anymore and the 53-year-old me doesn’t process alcohol like it used to — so I’m giving it a complete break for a while. There are also some serious health consequences of alcohol that specifically affect middle-aged guys that I want to avoid, and which I talk more about in my book. Here are a few of them: Continue reading

My #1 Superfood for Men’s Health

Craig Cooper Sardines

I recently had a full blood and nutritional profile undertaken by the head nutritionist for Red Bull — the guy that looks after all their professional athletes: 20 vials of blood and a report that came back as thick as a Jack Reacher novel . Comparing the amount of data in my report to what you get from your local GP blood work-up was like comparing an instruction manual to build a model airplane to one to build a 747. I spent days devouring it.

When I eventually had a follow up consultation, the first thing out of his mouth was, “You know you have the best omega-3 profile of anyone I have ever tested – ever — what do you take? “Well, I eat a lot of sardines” I said.

In fact, I went on to say that when I travel in Europe in summer some weeks that is ALL I live on – lunch and dinner. I think my longest stretch in Greece a few years back was 10 days. Back home in California I eat a non-BPA can of the Vital Choice brand every day or second day at a minimum. Continue reading

Why Cold-Pressed Juice Is Bad For You and How to Make Healthy Juice at Home


There’s a lot of hype about the health benefits of cold-pressed juices. Pretty much every health store is selling them but the truth is, they’re not really that good for you. They’re also expensive, environmentally wasteful, and can actually be counter to a healthy lifestyle.

So the next time you consider forking out $10-$15 for a cold-pressed juice at Whole Foods – remember the following: Continue reading

Does Kombucha Tea Have Any Proven Health Benefits?

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Kombucha, also known as the elixir of life, is not your typical cup of tea. This fermented beverage has been around for centuries and is often touted for its health benefits. One thing is for sure: kombucha, or mushroom tea, is an acquired taste. Whether you are an avid consumer or haven’t ever tried it, here are 11 facts about kombucha you should know – good and bad. Continue reading

12 Men’s Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is one of the richest sources of saturated fat, a fat long considered to be unhealthy. Yet coconut oil is being touted as one of the healthiest oils you can consume. What’s wrong with this picture?

Unlike most other sources of saturated fat, including vegetable and seed oils and animal fat, which consist mainly of long-chain triglycerides, coconut oil is made up primarily of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). It turns out that chain size makes all the difference when it comes to your health.

Compared with long-chair triglycerides, the medium variety are absorbed and metabolized by the body differently. These differences are part of the reason coconut oil has been credited with a wide range of health benefits. Here are 12 of them: Continue reading

7 Ways To Get Rid of the Dad Bod

Dad bod

“Dad bods” are the new fitness standard for a growing bunch of men across the United States. What’s a dad bod? Well, think Seth Rogan, Jason Segel or Leonardo DiCaprio on summer vacation and between movie roles: overweight, out of shape, and happy and content with his pasta, rosé and Victoria’s Secret models. Basically, pudgy, cuddly, doughy, don’t really care about how you look any more: That’s the dad bod. And some women are supporting the new trend, if you believe the studies — apparently because having a man who has a dad bod as a partner takes the pressure off them to stay in shape. Another rationale is that if the man is not as focused on his own body, he’ll spend more time with and take better care of his partner and family — or so the theory goes. Continue reading

11 Reasons Men Should Take Take Magnesium Supplements

I had some blood work last year that showed I was deficient in magnesium. I had never thought much about this mineral as I assumed I was getting enough from my diet. It prompted me to not only make sure I was getting enough of it going forward, but to also share what I’ve found out about this mineral with other guys – and why we need it.

Continue reading

Is Cardio Exercise Making You Fat?

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If you are doing prolonged cardio exercise several times a week, or perhaps even more often, chances are you’re not getting the physical results nor the health benefits you think you are. You want to look good and be healthy, right? Although all that jogging, swimming, running, and cycling may make you accomplished at all of these activities, it also can put you into a category known as skinny fat. Continue reading

The Truth About Testosterone Therapy

Open any men’s magazine or visit a website that targets men or men’s health and you probably will see them: ads promoting testosterone hormone therapy and articles urging men to consider taking testosterone to improve muscle mass, lose weight, improve their sex drive, and boost their mood. But is testosterone therapy the answer to these and other issues that commonly affect men as they approach and surpass their 50th year?

Marketing moguls and companies that will profit from selling their testosterone products want you to believe it can. After all, use of testosterone therapy promises to combat aging and some of the fears and anxieties that go along with it. Why wouldn’t men want to buy into that? The “fountain of youth” in a gel! Sex like a teenager!

I have a bunch of friends who are on T-therapy and none of them have been diagnosed with actual male hypogonadism (see below for the clinical definition of low-T). All of them except one (who takes it for cosmetic reasons) have been convinced that the symptoms they are experiencing as they age are due to low testosterone. I say the same thing to each of them – you need L-therapy not T-therapy. Continue reading

Essential Facts All Men Should Know About Testosterone

Few men truly understand the nature of testosterone, the hormone that is the essence of their manhood. Discussions about testosterone on TV or in advertisements tend to be superficial, misleading, or confusing. Typically they are geared toward one goal: to convince men they need to seek testosterone replacement therapy. In the process, the marketers usually use fear tactics to get their points across. After all, you don’t want to look older or flabbier or be less masculine or less sexy, do you? Then you must need testosterone!

True, men need testosterone throughout their lifetime. Testosterone is essential for the development of male reproductive organs and the promotion of sexual characteristics such as growth of body hair, deepening voice, bone mass, and increased muscle. The hormone also is important after the developmental years to help maintain muscle strength and tone, support sexual prowess and libido, promote red blood cell production, and influence mood.

But like the movie title says, it’s complicated. Testosterone is a complex hormone, and it works with and is influenced by other factors. For example, as men get older, certain undesirable symptoms and body changes begin to develop. Introducing more testosterone into your body most likely is not the answer to resolving any of these symptoms and changes, but that’s not what men are lead to believe.

In fact, numerous factors can have a role in the issues often associated with low testosterone. Once you better understand what testosterone is, what healthy T levels are, and how you can beat those unwanted symptoms without resorting to testosterone therapy, the happier you will be.

So let’s begin our discussion with the different types of testosterone and low testosterone: Continue reading