10 Natural Testosterone Boosters That Work

If you’re feeling sluggish, thick around the middle, or noticing a decline in your sex drive and libido, you are going through something many men experience with aging.

While these changes may be associated with declining testosterone levels, these symptoms do not necessarily mean that you have low T or that you need testosterone therapy. You may just need to adjust to your changing body by picking up some healthy habits that are also natural testosterone and energy boosters.

Natural methods are the best place to start if you want to maintain your normal testosterone levels. If you have had your free testosterone level tested and it is normal, or if you only experience a few symptoms of declining testosterone, try these natural testosterone boosters to help you improve your performance in the bedroom, in the gym, and at work. Incorporating the following 10 healthy habits will not only help support your testosterone to more natural levels but will also make you feel younger and healthier and improve your mood and outlook on life as well.

Eat foods that increase natural testosterone levels

Eating certain foods can increase testosterone in men. Pomegranate, beets, bananas, pistachio nuts, oatmeal (which contains the amino acid arginine), and watermelon (which contains citrulline) are all easy-to-find foods that are natural testosterone boosters that have a positive effect on erectile function and sexual health.

Eating healthy fats like coconut oil and avocados, as well as cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower can also help keep your sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen, in balance. Foods high in lycopene (like cooked tomatoes) are a healthy natural remedy for erectile dysfunction as well.

Also, avoid foods that are high in saturated fats as well as large servings of carbohydrates and processed breads which can spike glucose levels. These can make you feel sleepy and increase your blood sugar and while not directly affecting testosterone, will make you feel less energetic and less able to tackle the task at hand – whether that be in the bedroom or the weight-room!

Take natural supplements to help support natural testosterone levels

Because you cannot always eat enough of the foods that boost your testosterone levels, taking a daily supplement is a convenient way to get the plants and amino acids that can help promote your natural testosterone levels and support balanced hormones. The active parts of many of the above foods are found in testosterone supplements that promote natural testosterone.

Studies show that ingredients such as: Avena sativa, Fenugreek, Beet root, Tribulus terrestris, Acetyl-L-carnitine, L-arginine, and L-citrulline can help encourage natural testosterone production or make your own testosterone more active.

Have as much sex as possible

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Here’s my favorite piece of advice: have more sex. Having more sex helps to boost your testosterone levels and is also beneficial in decreasing stress and encouraging sleep (if you do it before bedtime), knocking two more health items off this list. Your testosterone is generally highest in the mornings so it might be a good time to have sex when you wake up. After a hard day at work it’s more difficult to get in the mood and your fatigue from stress and other events of the day might tend to dampen your libido as well.

Get more sleep and try to “power nap” during the day


Getting the proper amount of sleep can significantly help with testosterone production. There are many ways to sleep better at night including creating and sticking to a sleep schedule, removing the phone or computer from the bedroom, and keeping your room cool and dark.

Try and aim for a minimum of 7 hours sleep a night. During the rest phase your body produces testosterone and replenishes your body with your daily energy needs. Try also incorporating daily naps in to your schedule. It’s not possible for everyone, with daily demands and workload, but incorporating a 20-minute “power nap” has also been shown to increase energy and productivity levels.

Try and manage stress better

The stress hormone cortisol blocks the production of testosterone, so it is important to learn to manage your stress. Some stress management techniques you may find useful include meditation, tai chi, yoga, or any exercise or activity that relaxes you. Having sex also decreases stress as we described above.

Exercise more to boost natural testosterone production 

When your testosterone declines it takes your strength and muscle mass with it. Getting regular exercise is a natural testosterone booster, so it’s important to keep exercising as you age.

Be sure to include lifting heavy weights and working large muscle groups. Studies show that increasing the weight load on the big muscle groups (hips and quads) boosts short-term testosterone production.

Be careful though with continual long distance/marathon style exercise as well as high intensity exercise with no rest days. The stress from consistent high intensity exercise as well as endurance training can cause adrenal fatigue and lowering of testosterone levels. If you like to run, then run hard, fast, and for shorter distances.

Lose the love handles and your T levels will increase

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Obesity contributes to increased estrogen production because fat cells make estrogen. Maintaining a proper balance between estrogen and testosterone is also important for heart health and testosterone production. An excess of estrogen decreases testosterone and also can have other unwanted side effects like “man boobs”, and a higher risk of prostate cancer.

Avoiding high-protein diets will increase your testosterone

When you pump a lot of protein into your body and bloodstream, your testes produce less testosterone. You can protect your testosterone levels by eating a healthy diet that includes high-quality carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables (including cruciferous vegetables), and whole grains in your diet. Protein should make up about 25 to 30% of your calorie intake.

The rest should be a balance of healthy fats (coconut oil. avocados, seeds, nuts etc), as well as high quality carbohydrate grains and vegetables. High protein diets have had a lot of attention over the years due to the popularity of The Atkins Diet but the long term health affects of eating sausages and bacon are not consistent with a healthy and energetic lifestyle. You may lose weight; but you may also lose your life prematurely.

Go easy on the alcohol

Alcohol increases the metabolism and elimination of testosterone from your bloodstream and also reduces the rate that your body produces testosterone. Cutting back on drinking helps increase your testosterone level and also helps you sleep better at night – which allows your body to naturally replenish your T levels. Alcohol also affects your liver, which is the main organ responsible for regulating the availability of free testosterone in our bodies.

Avoid chemicals like BPA and other energy killers

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Bisphenol-A, or BPA, is a chemical used in plastic products and to line aluminum cans. There is increasing evidence that exposure to even low levels of BPA can create hormonal problems as well as increase your prostate cancer risk. Avoid environmental endocrine disruptors by not using plastic water bottles, canned foods, and plastic containers for your food. Avoid heating foods in plastic as well. Use stainless steel containers and drinking vessels like Kleen Kanteen.

Benefits of using natural testosterone boosters

All of the above advice on boosting your testosterone levels is also good advice for healthy living and better aging. Maintaining balanced hormone levels will provide you with more than just the sexual benefits.EveryDay Male

Testosterone is important for bone health, maintaining muscle mass, mental health, and helps prevent osteoporosis as you age. It’s also good for your heart; helps you sleep better, and can improve your mood and ability to concentrate.

If you incorporate these natural testosterone boosters into your life you will find that you have more energy and will be able to focus better on work and your relationships. Many of these steps to increase testosterone will help you stay healthy, strong, and active as you age.

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by Craig Cooper